Anthony is a hot comedic talent, currently a semi-finalist in the Stand-Up contest, “World’s Greatest Unknown Stand-up Comedian”. Anthony is a well-trained writer and performer, also a Magna Cum Laude Graduate of the USC School of Cinema-Television, and an alumnus of Second City and Improv Olympic. Anthony has appeared in many sketch comedy shows where he has demonstrated his unbelievable flair for creating unique & hilarious characters. We’re sure "The Last Sketch Show" won’t be the last great show starring Anthony Adornetto (ha ha ha, my banter is soooo witty) . Anthony’s hobbies include petty theft and getting beat up by small children. He is proud to say he eats plenty of fruit and he has never physically abused one of his girlfriends.

Anthony Adornetto

As a child, Christopher was incredibly funny. But at age 16 he realized: funny people don’t get sex. So, he started working out, wearing nice clothes, using hip and unfunny words like “Bro” and “Holler Ya’ll”. But most significantly: HE BECAME BORING. From that day forth he was known as Dudsy Malame. When Dudsy isn’t doing sketch comedy shows he can be found completely crosswords, building shelves, coping with herpes, and putting together puzzles.

Christopher Adornetto

Gina hails originally from Chicago , but has spent most of her life in Los Angeles . From being on the sets as a child with her father (also an actor) to working in the corporate environment for two top movie studios in Hollywood , Gina is very familiar with the Entertainment Industry. Agressively pursuing her career, she has performed in several student and independent film projects, commercials and has recently joined the Hollywood Fight Club Theatre (Sunset & Highland ). As a Desert Storm Veteran and prior US Air Force sergeant, Gina spent several years overseas in Europe and the Middle East adding a wealth of cultural experiences from which to draw her acting skills. Gina's training has been primarily through the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute.

Gina Candido

Melissa was born in Rochester , New York twenty-one years ago, the youngest of three girls. A creative and adventurous person, since birth, Melissa got involved in as many artistic ventures as possible at a young age.  She began with talent shows as a child and moved on to modeling for Kodak as a young teen.  She got her first start in acting starring in a commercial for the WNBA (womens’ pro basketball) that aired during the broadcast of a nationally televised game. She also appeared in several short films and student plays, all the while focusing her energy on escaping the small town market to expand her horizons. When she was just 18 years old, she moved to New Jersey to be able to commute to New York City for acting classes. She went there with very little money, no job, no car, and she knew nobody in the area. While studying at T.V.I., she landed a recurring role as a waitress in RJ’s bar on ABC’s One Life to Live. After a year in New York , she decided to take off to Hollywood to further pursue her dreams. Since arriving she appeared on NBC’s Passions as well as appearing in several low budget independent features, shorts, and plays. Her most recent play, "Diary of a Catholic School Dropout", won the ADA award for best play.  Melissa will be seen next in an untitled television pilot from Roc Bottom Entertainment, in the leading role playing none other than an actress.  

Melissa Cipollone

Leslie is originally from Detroit . Go Pistons! She is a graduate of UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television. Leslie is also a yoga instructor, cellist and nudist. This is the only time you will ever see her wearing pink, or a dress. 

Leslie Connelly

After 20 years of ‘growing up’, Daniel finally decided what he wanted to be – an actor. Since then, he has appeared on stage, TV, and numerous films, including the acclaimed short, "Don’t Mean Nothing". With a a face that could crack up a dead nun, Daniel’s passion is sharing unbridled laughter with an audience. Well, that and…

Daniel Cox

Film credits include Every Last One, The Toast, The Adventures of Taco Girl and Salsa Chick, and When All Else Fails.  TV credits include "24", "The Stranger Beside Me". Theater credits include "The Cost of Rent Compels You," "Twelfth Night," "Summer and Smoke," and "The Crucible."  Graduate of Northwestern University 's theater program.

Ben Hermes

Ryan is a Graduate of

the USC School of

Cinema-Television. He has

produced, written, and

directed numerous USC

and Independent films

and television productions.

"To Lindsay Lohan, With

Love" was Ryan’s most recent venture into live

sketch comedy production

and, more importantly,

his first (of many) public

expressions of love to

Ms. Lohan. Since then he served as a performer and Co-Executive Producer of "The Last Sketch Show". But most notably, Ryan wastes each day of his life as a Writers Assistant at the Nickelodeon.

Ryan S. Maples

Shaun is a 19 year old virgin looking for a wealthy older woman to consider him her boy toy. But he is open to a lesbian couple who wishes to experiment.  Shaun aspires to be a plumber, thanks in part to being born with a natural plumber's crack. 

PS, Mandy Moore or Pink, I love you, marry me! Sorry for the short bio. He cut the interview short to go back to eating a tub or Horseradish.

Shaun Marshall

Jody first started acting at a young age, in Florida. His Mother named him Jody after Jody on 'A Family Affair', and Lon after The Great Lon Chaney. He started in community theater when he was 8 years old, starring in the play, Oliver. Acting for over 20 years, through high school, then performing at Florida State University. He took a few years off to pursue a career in football. In 1993 he started in commercials for a local Florida sports station, then working on features. The biggest change in his life occurred when his sister Brooke, his best friend, committed suicide. His pain and depression stemming from the incident caused him to withdraw from society and the work he loved so much for a time, during which, four months after, his mother also died. As bad as this new tragedy was, it was sobering for him, and he began to emerge from the darkness and back to life. He began working again, and he moved to California in hopes of working more often, which he did for a time. In July of 1998 Jody was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer was bad and he was told by doctors he would most likely not survive the next 6 months. After a year of treatment, the cancer was found dormant. Triumphant over his malady he took a few years off. He eventually met and began courting the love of his life, a woman who encouraged him to get back into the industry and follow his dreams. She eventually became his wife. Irina, is the most positive force in his life. Right behind him, standing with him at every juncture of his journey to succeed in Show Business. He resumed working in 2004, even still, Jody was not taking chances, relaxing and working part time at first. He credits Irina now and for the future, with any good fortune that may come. So far, the future is looking pretty bright for Jody. Work is coming in and the credits are building. Up and coming is his hope for the now. Success, his goal for the future.
Jody Millard

Ms. Taylor began her acting career in the backyard at age 5. She spent her high school years on the stage, where she learned to “sing while flying” for her role as Elvira in “High Spirits”. No encouragement nor cash coming forth to make the move to Hollywood, upon graduation she followed the normal schedule of events in San Bernardino, California, by working 8 to 5 in a clerical position for the County and subsequently marrying a loser who soon left her with a 6-month-old daughter.  She continued to fulfill her destiny by continuing to remarry three more times and skipping barefoot and pregnant twice more. After retiring from her long career as court stenographer, wherein she was not allowed to speak, Kathy sold the farm and moved to Hollywood to pursue her dreams and get out of the 909 area code. Kathy has performed in over 16 student and short films, and now as a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she has not worked since joining the union. Kathy also does a great standup routine when she is sober.

Kathy Taylor

Allen's road to Hollywood is as quirky as he is. His earliest creative prod came from his parents, who have a 70's style rock band. Admittedly a band geek, he played various brass instruments through high-school, traveling the country. Shortly after high school he discovered his family's video camera and along with that, found the creative outlet that he had been searching for. In adolescence this is known as social redemption and left the band behind.  Traipsing up and down the west coast, he spent three years in a San Diego beach community. That experience gave him the background for my most recent role in the feature film "Nightmares" where he played a laid back, pot smoking, Jeff Spicolish guy. The part was the comic relief for the film and it is now in post production. Allen continues his studies at the Lynette Katselas McNeill Studio in Century City and was very excited to make his sketch comedy debut with this creative group.
Allen Yates